Curated consulting that provides solutions to help achieve your objectives.

We provide solutions that help with every facet of the project.

Besides being creditable advisors to executive management, we can engage in all other levels of the company. From assessing the requirements, to resource management, and even doing the labor itself. We are here to help from end to end.

Our advanced analytics ensure complete transparency by showing executive management progress.

Knowledge is powerful, and gives us the ability to train your staff for a fluid transition.

With our insights and experience we can help you plan to meet the demands and hit deadlines.

We don't seek cliental, we seek partnerships; a partnership means we care just as much about the project doing well as you do.

We are a highly specialized consulting firm who like to be subject matter experts.

Our team consists of a unique combination of technical and business skills; drawing from capital markets, investments, commercial and retail banking, technology, project management, business analysis, regulatory reporting, etc . . .

Capital Markets. Securitization. Platform creation from green fields through inaugural term securitization transaction. Collateral analysis, validation, stratifications, collateral data package creation.

Finance. Banking. CCAR. Basel. Formulating CCAR data sourcing requirements and automation. Data modeling, data reporting, including data mining and reverse engineering across multiple enterprise data warehouses.

Technology. Big Data. Front-end Development. Savvy business analyst, with strong SQL skills. Building data marts and enterprise data warehouses. Techy web developers who have experience creating reporting portals for large businesses.